Real Estate

Property business is a business that constantly provide a steady returns. It is because property prices has continuously to soar despite economic slowdown. It is an investment instrument that almost can be safely say provides a guarantee returns. The risk of losing capital investment in this industry is said to be very low. Now with the emergence of transit-oriented development that focuses on sustainable public transport network system such as MRT, LRT, bicycle lane, park and etc., prices of property will continue to soar.Real estate and property development is a very profitable business venture.


Advantages to Members

  1. To provide technical expertise to Cooperative members to venture property development industry
  2. To provide technical expertise and access to capital to real estate and property developer
  3. Business opportunity for Cooperative members & access to capital
  4. Joint venture between the Cooperative and members who owns lands for property development
  5. Access to pre-launch property development with discounted prices
  6. Income generation for Cooperative that will yield dividends for Cooperative members