Agriculture is defined as an activity involving farming and forestry. It is an activity undertaken with the aim of producing energy sources, industrial raw materials, food sources and so on. Agricultural activity produces food sources of vegetables, fruits, livestock products and more. It also contributes to energy sources such as wood production as fuel as well as industrial raw materials such as furniture, paperwork and more. Most of the population in the world carry out agricultural activities. This is because agriculture is the catalyst for a country’s economy. Therefore, engaging in plantation and agricultural sectors is a reasonable step to do the Cooperative.


Advantages to Members

  1. To provide technical expertise to Cooperative members to venture agriculture industry
  2. To provide technical expertise and access to capital in helping entrepreneurs and small farmers to develop their agriculture activities
  3. Access to fertilizers, seeds and others via partnership with related government agencies
  4. Business opportunity for Cooperative members & access to capital
  5. Income generation for Cooperative that will yield dividends for Cooperative members