Ar-Rahnu (Islamic Pawn Shop)

Ar-rahnu is the Islamic ways of pawn in the conventional world. The valuable item that has value in the Syarak is made as collateral or backing is attached to the secured financing payable thereby by selling or auctioning the goods to recover the debt provided, this occurs if the debt cannot settle the debts at the promised time.


Advantages to Members

  1. Providing Cooperative members quick and secure liquidity by using the Ar-Rahnu concept
  2. Secure financing with lower profit margin
  3. Build and strengthen the financial capability of the Cooperative members
  4. Business opportunity for Cooperative members who wish to start Ar-Rahnu business
  5. Income generation for Cooperative that will yield dividends for Cooperative members
  6. Govern by a panel of Shariah advisor as mandated by Cooperative Commission of Malaysia