Tourism is one of the most progressive and exciting industries in the world, especially Malaysia. The direct contribution of the tourism industry to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is RM167.5billion (USD40.4billion), 13.7% of GDP in 2016. It is forecasted to increase to 5.2% from 2017-2027, which is equivalent to RM100.4billion (USD24.2billion).torusim

Advantages to Members

  1. To provide technical expertise to Cooperative members to venture into tourism industry
  2. To provide technical expertise and access to capital in helping entrepreneurs to grow in this industry
  3. Business opportunity for Cooperative members & access to capital
  4. Discounted price to Cooperative members for travel package such as Maldives Islands, China, Indonesia, Korea and Japan
  5. Opportunity for Islamic capital access and joint venture between Cooperative and its members