Education is the catalyst of growth for any country’s development. The role of education is to meet the country’s needs in providing a workforce that is progressive, with integrity and high cognitive level. Language also plays an important role in shaping one career, the more languages one master, the better the prospects one can be successful in the business world.


Advantages to Members

  1. Providing Islamic financing for Cooperative members to pursue tertiary or higher education
  2. Advisory services in tertiary or higher education study placement
  3. Obtaining scholarship for Cooperative members to study in tertiary or higher education
  4. Collaborating with governmental and private partners to promote employ ability after graduation such as the Dah Kerja? Nak Kerja programme. This programme is in partnership with local and international, public and private run universities to coach and mentor graduates with skills to seek better change in employment. Dah Kerja? Nak Kerja? is a program that helps fresh graduates to equip themselves with various soft skills needed to enter the corporate world. This program will indirectly help HR recruiters to hire employees who are equipped with various soft skills to help the company’s growth and productivity Language training for Cooperative members such as English and Mandarin Summer school and winter school programme opportunity for Cooperative members and members of the public and private and international students especially China, Korea and Japan
  5. To provide technical expertise to Cooperative members to venture into language centre
  6. To provide technical expertise and access to capital for language centre operator
  7. Income generation for Cooperative that will yield dividends for Cooperative members